To our patients and families, with our prime minister’s new announcement realized yesterday we are still open for the time being.


We are closely following the Australian Dental Association and the Australia Society of Orthodontists’ guidelines to ensure our patients and staff are staying safe and avoiding the spread of covid-19. Our staff are performing high levels of disinfection, especially high contact areas such as door handles and the reception counter.


We would like to inform patients who are feeling ill or have been in contact with someone who has covid-19 to call or email us so we can reschedule their appointment. We also strongly advise for all patients to reduce the amount of family members and friends they may want to bring to their appointment. All patients who are attending their appointments are required to sanitize or wash their hands before being seen.


As our new protocol we are also booking all patients further apart from the next patient to allow staff to clean and clear the chairs sufficiently and to prevent gathering in our waiting area. It is greatly appreciated if patients can ensure they come to their appointments on time to help us. Once again if any changes occur, we will continue to keep updating you guys.


Stay safe and look after one another!