Treatment planning in complex cases

In the experience of Orthoworx’s Dr Chan, treatment planning is a critical success factor to treating complex cases. Before treatment can commence, every patient must undergo a comprehensive consultation as to assess what work needs to be completed and the treatment options discussed. The information gathered during this initial consultation will allow Dr Chan and his team to decide on a suitable treatment plan, customised to the patient’s unique situation.

With more complex cases, the treatment required can be much more elaborate and can require significantly more planning. As with all orthodontic cases, being able to complete the treatment to a good and safe standard within an acceptable timeframe remains the long term objective. The good news is that the tools used in collaboration with planning continue to improve as technology gets better.

What is considered a complex case?

When talking about complex orthodontic cases, it’s important to know what exactly makes an individual case that much more difficult. Cases that require significant movement of teeth and/or the patient’s jaw structures are often described as complex. Cases with multiple missing teeth, severe overcrowding, impacted dentition and asymmetrical jaw growth are rather complex cases as well.

Cases that require jaw surgery are complex due to many stages of precise planning and also the involvement of multiple specialists (Orthodontist as well as Oral Maxillofacial Surgeon).

Inter disciplinary cases that requires the involvement of other dental specialists (Endodontists, Periodontists, Prosthodontists etc) or other medical specialists (ENTs, Endocrinologist etc) would again require precise staged planning and are often rather complex as well.

What is the expected outcome of a complex case?

Just like any other case, the main objective for the treatment is to complete it in a safe and timely manner, while also achieving the desired aesthetic and functional results. Every patient deserves the chance to enjoy better dental health regardless of how complex their individual case may be.

Naturally though, these cases will take longer and require more work than others, and must be planned accordingly. A longer period of treatment is acceptable provided the patient ends up with the desired results in a safe and responsible way.


Before any orthodontic work can begin, patients undergo a consultation with their Specialist Orthodontist. This initial consultation is to check ahead for any obvious issues that may cause problems during treatment. Other factors looked at include the potential for further growth (relevant to younger patients), as well as the general dental anatomy and anticipating any difficult dental movements.

ClinCheck Plans

Invisalign offers their propriety software ClinCheck™ that allows virtual treatment planning. It is a 3D modelling program used with the Invisalign treatment option. This program creates a virtual replica of the dentition, simulating possible treatment outcomes and the final plans. By using this software, communication between the patient and doctor can be strengthened, taking out any guess work involved in treatment.

The software also allows for more complex cases to be addressed, solving any issues prior to commencing with the treatment. These simulations allow for the processes and end results to be checked, making any necessary changes to the plan to maximize the patient’s results while minimizing their expected discomfort.

Dental implant spaces, gaps required for future crowns, veneers or bridges can be accurately determined down to the 0.1 of a millimeter. Dental arch expansion, retraction of teeth and lip profiles can also be observed and noted prior to the commencement of the actual treatment.

Dr Chan and the Orthoworx Team

Much like the process mentioned above, Dr Chan and the Orthoworx team pride themselves in cultivating close patient-doctor relationships through clear and informative communication. After the initial consultation with Dr Chan, a comprehensive report of your personalized treatment is sent to you for your perusal. Included in the report is a “walk through” of the recommended course of treatment as well as answers to any concerns voiced at the initial consultation.

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