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At Orthoworx, we believe everybody, regardless of age and background, deserves a perfectly aligned smile drawn from personal attention from the best orthodontists in Chatswood. Our mission is to provide superior patient care to every patient and for our dental treatment to be as comfortable and efficient to all.

A crucial element of our orthodontist services in Chatswood is to inform each and every patient of our recommended treatment plan, the range of possible choices they have available to them and alternative plans with their treatment as transparently as possible.


Visits and appointments are scheduled around our patient’s outside commitments. We organise an initial consultation with one of our highly trained orthodontic experts with a time most convenient to you. During your one-on-one assessment, we listen to all of your personal preferences, assess your dental concerns and take photographs of your teeth for further examination. We take into account all of your dental history and lifestyle concerns, to suggest only the best possible treatment for you.

Our available services


Whether you receive specialist orthodontist care in Chatswood or outside the suburb, there is always the possibility that you may have to opt for full orthodontic braces or full top and bottom teeth alignment solutions no matter the surgery you choose.

Your treatment time can vary tremendously depending on the complexity of your oral or dental issue. Some patients require less than seven months to wear orthodontic braces, while others require up to 2 years or more. However, be rest assured that your teeth alignment requirements are something that our experienced orthodontists in Chatswood can solve.

Based on Dr Eugene Chan’s extensive Invisalign expertise and knowledge with digital scanning and orthodontic modelling techniques, our helpful staff take the time to assess you thoroughly. From the back of your assessment and results, we can recommend a practical treatment plan based on your individual situation, undergo efficient treatment, and hopefully see superb results down the line.


Our helpful team in Chatswood will be able to provide you with a rough estimation for completing the realignment of your teeth during your initial examination, and bring out the best in your smile.

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