Orthodontist Kensington

Finding a trustworthy orthodontist clinic Kensington residents can rely on to match their dental and jaw alignment requirements can be difficult. Why not consider Orthoworx as your go-to orthodontist near Kensington.

While not directly based in Kensington, our closest orthodontic practice is located just a few minutes away in the suburb of Zetland and offers all of the services that you would find in your local Kensington dental centre.

Situated conveniently on Joynton Ave, our contemporary orthodontic clinic combined with our industry-expert staff are well equipped to tackle the most straightforward or challenging teeth alignment issues. Whether you’re struggling with buck teeth, a misaligned jaw or a severe overbite, feel rest assured that our team at Orthoworx will use the most advanced treatment plans, superior materials and state-of-the-art equipment to give you that award-winning smile you deserve.

At Orthoworx, our founder Dr Eugene Chan, a leader in the Invisalign technique, and his team of highly skilled orthodontist professionals will use their expertise to provide each client a treatment tailored to meet their unique dental needs.

If you’re looking for optimal orthodontic services, reach out to the team. We’ll be happy to assist you.

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Kensington residents can rely on the fact that we are a well-established orthodontic group, having been established in the early 2000s. As a result, we have honed and perfected our orthodontic solutions, tailoring each service to meet the unique requirements of our patients.  Discover Orthoworx’s top-of-the line orthodontic services for children, teenagers and adults.

Adult orthodontics- Our orthodontist specialises in a variety of modern orthodontic solutions to rectify misaligned jaws, crooked teeth to bite discrepancies in adults. Our solutions include ceramic and traditional braces, orthodontic plates to the popular Invisalign trays- all top solutions that work hard to fix your smile.

Kids orthodontics- Is your growing teenager struggling with jaw misalignment issues? We provide the best assessment and treatment services possible to find an orthodontic solution to correctly fix your child’s unique dental requirements.

Braces- Our orthodontist clinic near Kensington can offer traditional and modern teeth braces for children, teenagers and adults. Our braces include: 

  • Traditional
  • Ceramic

Please get in touch with our friendly staff to discuss how we can help you or your family get that same winning smile.