Case Studies

Smarter thinking creates brighter smiles.

Our dedication to delivering the best possible service with the best possible results gives our patients the smiles they are looking for. Whether it is teeth realignments, gap correction, bite defects or jaw surgery, our team of trained orthodontic experts can help, with affordable treatment delivered with the minimum of inconvenience to you.

Please take a look at some of our case studies below, you will find images of before and after orthodontic treatment, showing what specialist orthodontic treatment from Orthoworx can do for you.

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Case 1

This is Ms A, she had braces when she was a teenager. She wore some retainer plates for a few years after treatment was completed and now her teeth have somewhat drifted back. She works in a media related job and does not wish to have braces done again. We offered her an Invisalign Express option and her case was treated out over 20 weeks. We have now placed her on upper and lower fixed orthodontic retainers that are placed on the back of her upper and lower front teeth. They are not visible and we have also modified the design so she could still floss and clean as per normal.*


Our teeth sit in a buffer zone between the muscle balance of the lip, cheek, tongue and jaw muscles. As we age (no matter if we are 10, 20, 30, 40 years old or beyond) the muscle tension of these structures change. As a result the teeth may drift according to these muscular changes and tend to go back to their original position – crooked teeth. Therefore, we will need to have some form of semi-permanent retention if we wish to have perfectly aligned teeth.

Case 2

B is 11 years old and mum brought him in to see us with concerns of his underbite. He was at a good age to commence functional orthopaedic-orthodontic treatment. A headgear treatment used concurrently with braces was prescribed. Compliance was compromised initially but as B saw the improvement just after a few months of treatment, he got much better and wore his appliance really well. His case treated out over 2 years and his smile still looked great even at his 2 year review appointment!

Case 2

Case 2 Case 2

Case 3

Mr C is a school teacher and wanted to straighten his teeth without wearing braces. He still laments the lack of opportunity to have his teeth straightened when he was growing up and now certainly did not wish to bear the embarrassment of having braces in front of his 6th grade students. His requests were very specific – he did not want to have braces and no extractions if possible. Invisalign treatment worked out very well for Mr C as we could visualise the end result even before we commenced treatment through the Invisalign Clincheck. We treated out his case in 14 months and Mr C was absolutely thrilled with his new smile.

Case 3