Traditional Braces

Top-of-the-line orthodontic treatments are a rite of passage for growing teens and adults looking to gain confidence from perfectly healthy, and straight teeth. While modern treatment alternatives have radicalised the way we look at treating teeth misalignment issues, traditional brace options including metal, lingual braces and ceramic remain popular choices for straightening teeth.

Our metal braces in Sydney are beneficial treatment options for our client’s with complex cases.

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What are traditional braces?

Traditional braces are either metal or ceramic braces affixed to the outside of your teeth. Traditional braces have been the historical orthodontic treatment to help realign crooked teeth or treat other orthodontic dental concerns, but still require expertly trained Orthodontists to recommend the right course of treatment to achieve the maximum results, with the minimum inconvenience.

Wearing braces: How does it work?

Traditional braces feature metal wires and brackets that are cemented to the front teeth of the top and lower jaw. These metal brackets are anchored together with an ‘arch wire’, which is designed with shape memory to apply soft pressure throughout the treatment period. Over time, the arch wire gently pushes over-crowded teeth into a straighter position.

While you can have them plain, patients have the option to choose different coloured elastics (O-rings) to secure the arch wire to the bracket and keep it in place.

Signs that you might need braces

While obtaining a beautifully straight smile is the central goal for most patients, there are many other reasons that you can benefit from seeking reliable orthodontic treatment.

  • Misaligned bite.
  • Overcrowding and crooked teeth.
  • Diastema (gaps).
  • Pain and discomfort in the jaw.
  • Teeth that have come in abnormally or not at all.
  • Poor oral hygiene as a result of poor teeth conditions.

It’s important to note that traditional braces aren’t the only treatment options available. Contact our specialist orthodontists for a consultation to have a full treatment plan that suits your case best.

Traditional braces benefits

Faster treatment time

While Invisalign has the benefit of being virtually invisible to the naked eye, traditional metal braces and ceramic braces deliver a more controlled realignment process. This means, patients can straighten their teeth within a predictable time frame. Typically, treatment time is roughly two years to enjoy a lifetime of straight teeth.

Traditional braces cost

Metal braces in Sydney are a more cost-effective solution compared to modern orthodontic treatments in some instances. This is largely due to the fact that this treatment option has been available for years, with experienced orthodontists being able to administer without great cost.

Talk to our orthodontists to discuss an appropriate payment plan.

Traditional braces are durable

The Despite being the inexpensive option, the metal brackets and wire are made from stainless steel and titanium, which make metal braces extremely durable and hard-wearing. They can withstand the daily use of chewing, and the constant pressure of realigning your teeth. With proper maintenance and care, you don’t have to worry about the brackets breaking off your teeth. Better yet, you can continue regular sporting activities while wearing braces.

Can treat mild to severe teeth and jaw discrepancies

Thanks to innovation and technology, traditional braces have modernised considerably and are more discreet, offer less discomfort to the patient and faster treatment times. As a result, metal braces can treat the most severe teeth misalignment issues like crossbites to minor gaps to the front teeth.

Our traditional braces are for everyone

Whether you are looking for state-of-the-art orthodontic treatment solutions for your growing child or yourself, know that you’ve come to the right place. At Orthoworx, it is our belief that everyone deserves to wear a smile that they can be proud of which is why we offer a broad range of treatments to children and adults. Whatever your teeth alignment goals and issues, our experienced team of orthodontists will sit with you and discuss your options available, and provide you with a tailored treatment plan that guarantees the best results possible.

Braces for any age

Ceramic braces are less conspicuous than metal alternatives as they blend with the colour pigmentation of teeth. While ceramic braces are frequently preferred by adult patients with metal braces often used for teenage customers, ceramic or metal braces can be applied to any patient. Our highly-trained Orthodontists are experts in the administration of all forms of traditional brace, recommending only the best possible treatment for you and your dental concern.

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Typically traditional metal braces work faster than invisalign trays to realign crooked teeth and close gaps. In a short period of time, patients will be able to see vast improvements.

For a standard 18 month treatment, traditional braces cost up to $7,500-$8,000 in Sydney, Australia. Price of treatment can increase depending on the complexity of your dental issues.

Traditional metal braces, ceramic braces and invisalign are all effective orthodontic treatment options to fix teeth misalignment, and have their own benefits. The braces that work best for you depend on your unique dental issue requirements. Traditional braces are crafted from medical-grade stainless steel with an arched wire attached to brackets. Traditional braces are the quickest option to realign significantly crooked teeth and jaw problems.

Ceramic braces work similarly to traditional metal braces, but use coloured ceramic brackets to blend with the natural colour of the teeth. As a result they are more visually appealing.

Lingual braces are designed to fit in the contour of the inside of each tooth. They are just as effective as standard outside braces, however they take longer to fit as each bracket needs to be custom made, and are more difficult to clean.

Invisalign one of the newest orthodontic treatments available. These series of custom plastic trays slowly move the teeth into a preferred position, and can be removed for cleaning and eating.

Yes, traditional braces are slightly more affordable than invisalign. Compared to traditional braces, invisalign is costlier since the aligner trays have to be replaced every two weeks. With Invisalign, you are required to change your tray every two weeks and are a fully custom option. As a result, this can raise the price of your overall treatment.

Every person deserves to feel confident when they smile. At Orthoworx, our specialists strive for excellence in quality of care, dedicated to giving you the best smile possibile. Using only the most advanced and trusted orthodontic treatment techniques and superior materials, we provide personalised treatment options of the highest standard. Whether you require traditional braces or looking into interceptive treatment, our services assess the needs of each patient individually.

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