Orthodontic Treatments For Adults

Braces and orthodontic treatments are not just for children. Almost half of our patients are adults requiring adult orthodontic treatments. Modern orthodontic treatments by experienced Orthodontists can help treat dental concerns for patients of all ages, so if you have a bite discrepancy, crooked teeth, overlapping teeth, a misaligned jaw, ‘buck’ teeth or one of many other dental complaints, Orthoworx can help find the adult brace you need.

See the smile, not the brace

Modern braces work hard to fix your smile. Cosmetic braces (including the Invisalign range) treat your condition without attracting unwanted attention. As a Platinum Elite Invisalign Provider, Orthoworx offers the complete range of braces for adults, including Invisalign and ceramic braces.

Diamond Invisalign Provider

As a Diamond Invisalign Provider in Sydney, Orthoworx has the proven experience and highest quality of trained Orthodontists to help treat your dental concern with minimal inconvenience to you.

If you would like to consult one of our experienced Orthodontists in Sydney to find out how we can help treat your teeth, please click here to contact us.