Orthodontist Artarmon

Orthworx’s team of highly qualified orthodontists can give you the peace of mind that your teeth will be looked after, regardless of the complexity of your teeth misalignment issues.

As established professionals in the industry, we understand that optimal dental health is not only related to a stunning smile but indicative or healthy teeth. Not only will it not only feel fantastic, straightened teeth are easier to clean and decrease your chances of long-term oral damage. At Orthworx, our orthodontist believes that this makes premium quality dental and orthodontic care a worthwhile investment.

As orthodontists Artarmon residents can rely on, we strive for excellence in quality of care, offering only the most advanced treatment plans, modern equipment and superior materials for both adults and children.

We are capable of tackling simple and complex orthodontic issues. This means everything from treating crooked or buck teeth to severe overbites. Whatever your requirements, our modern dental practice can deliver experience and expertise to every treatment, ensuring that you are left feeling satisfied with the final results.

While not located directly in Artarmon, our Chatswood office is a speedy 10 minute drive via Archer Street.

You can reach out to our friendly staff to talk about your dental needs.

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As your next local dentist, our team aims to provide the utmost flexibility and far-reaching services. It is our belief that everyone, regardless of your background and age, deserves a perfectly aligned smile provided by experienced orthodontists.

For the best possible treatment rectify your teeth alignment concerns with maximum efficiency and minimal inconvenience, explore our orthodontic services below:

Adult orthodontics- If you’re thinking about correcting your smile with braces as an adult, it’s not too late! Whether you’re twenty or sixty, we offer modern orthodontic treatments that are not only effective in treating your dental issues but also discrete.

Kids orthodontics- Do you think your child or teen would benefit from early orthodontic treatments? We have the equipment, the training and the expert knowledge to determine the best course of action to treat your child’s orthodontic issues for a straighter, smarter smile.

Braces- Whether you are after traditional metal braces or wondering if you are a candidate for the award-winning Invisalign treatment, our specialist orthodontists will find the best braces treatment for you. Our solutions range from:

  • Traditional
  • Ceramic

Require our orthodontic services? Don’t hesitate to reach out to our friendly team today!