Orthodontist Rosebery

Struggling with crooked teeth or an unattractive smile? With a perfectly straight smile, it will not only look good and feel great, but it is also far easier to clean, decreasing your chances of dental decay, gum disease, snoring and sleep apnoea.

As long-time professionals in the industry, Orthoworx strives for excellence in quality of care, offering only the most advanced treatment plans, modern equipment and superior materials for both adults and children.

Every patient who walks through our clinic’s doors will receive a treatment plan tailored to meet their unique dental needs. Our specialist orthodontic treatment services include bite discrepancies, crooked teeth, overlapping teeth, misaligned jaws, ‘buck’ teeth and other dental issues.

Today, Dr Eugene Chan, an international leader in the Invisalign treatment and his team of trained orthodontist professionals utilise their expertise to provide 3D modelling and digital scanning for all clients who partner with us. Doing so, Orthoworx can give customers a more accurate and personalised treatment plan that guarantees the results they are after.

While not directly based in Rosebery, our Zetland office is just a speedy 7-10 minute drive away.

We are happy to help you achieve the same winning smile. You can reach out to our friendly staff to talk about your dental needs.

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We are a leading Orthodontist in Sydney that creates tailored orthodontic solutions and treatment plans tailored to meet the needs of each individual patient. Looking to fix your jaw alignment or teeth issues? Discover Orthoworx’s top-of-the line orthodontic services for children, teenagers and adults.

Adult orthodontics- our experienced orthodontist can assess and treat dental concerns including misaligned jaws, crooked teeth to bite discrepancies in adults. We use modern braces and other dental solutions that work hard to fix your smile, including Invisalign, orthodontic plates, to traditional and ceramic braces for adults.

Kids orthodontics- Orthoworx provides the best service possible to find a brace solution or plates specific for your child’s unique requirements.

Braces- At Orthoworx, our orthodontist clinic near Rosebery finds the best braces and uses state-of-the-art technology for children, teenagers and adults. Our braces include:

  • Traditional
  • Ceramic

If you’re struggling to find an orthodontist in the Rosebery area that meets your needs, it’s about time to make Orthoworx your go-to practice.