Ceramic Braces

Colour matched to blend perfectly with your teeth and featuring the best technology to correct moderate to severe teeth misalignment issues.

What Are Ceramic Braces

Ceramic braces are similar to traditional metal braces except the bracket components which hold the wires are made from ceramic or porcelain. They are colour-matched to the natural shade of your teeth which make them less visible to the naked eye, resulting in a brighter smile. The teeth straightening treatment was introduced in the 1980s when more and more adults were looking for more aesthetically pleasing orthodontic treatment options. Today, these braces are just as strong as their metal counterparts and do not stain as easily as when they were first introduced.

Advantages Of Clear Braces

Some wearers report the orthodontic treatment to be more comfortable than metal orthodontics as they do not irritate the gums as much. Ceramic braces nowadays are more sturdy and usually withstand a fair amount of pressure. As they are also available in translucent or tooth-coloured varieties, it makes them largely invisible to the naked eye. At Orthoworx, our clear orthodontics are:

  1. Less visible than metal braces
  2. Less painful to the gums
  3. Offer rigid support for your teeth throughout treatment
  4. Available to teens and adult patients

What orthodontic cases are best suited for clear braces?

Like metal braces, clear braces are suited for most orthodontic cases. Therefore, they are a popular option for adults looking for less obvious treatments. 

During your initial assessment, your orthodontist will discuss your long term goals and your expectations. Based on your assessment, we will evaluate whether you are a good candidate for ceramic braces. Most adults who desire to have a teeth straightening procedure that is less visible but doesn’t require bite correction or a complex correction are usually eligible for this treatment. 

At Orthoworx, our orthodontist will consider the following to develop a orthodontic treatment plan that will give you the best chances to create the smile you envision: 

Shape of the jaw

  1. Current alignment of the bite
  2. Crowding of the teeth
  3. Angle of teeth
  4. Aesthetics, current budget & maintenance.

Choose Orthoworx for ceramic braces in Sydney

Whether you’re looking to align your teeth with traditional braces or looking for something more aesthetically pleasing, our experienced orthodontists at Orthoworx are determined to give you the best results possible, giving you the smile you deserve. Our orthodontist:

  • Strive for excellent results
  • Tailor-make a treatment plan to suit your needs
  • Leading qualified orthodontic clinic
  • Use only the most advanced treatment techniques & modern equipment

Ceramics Braces FAQ

Ceramic braces and invisalign are both discreet orthodontic treatments to correct the alignment of your teeth. Unlike Invisalign which are removable clear aligner trays that are placed over the teeth and apply gentle pressure to move the teeth into their correct position, the clear braces are bonded to the teeth throughout the duration of the treatment like traditional metal braces. Ceramic braces feature brackets made of porcelain or ceramic, which can be clear or coloured to match the same shade of your teeth. Therefore, they blend in with your natural teeth compared to traditional braces.

The best treatment for you is dependent on the complexity of your orthodontic requirements and the orthodontist you choose. Invisalign trays are great to treat mild to complex overcrowding and spacing issues. For people who need a rigorous fixed orthodontic treatment, ceramic braces are a great option as certain treatments require some tooth movements and jaw alignments that clear aligners cannot do and vice versa.

As ceramic braces are less visible and coloured to the natural shade of the teeth, this makes them more expensive than metal braces.

Ceramic braces and metal braces are very much similar in the way that they correct moderate to severe teeth misalignment and their length of treatment required. However, if you are after more affordable teeth straightening options, traditional braces may be a more favourable choice. If you’re concerned about the aesthetics of your smile, clear braces are the best option as the porcelain brackets are coloured to blend in with the natural shade of your teeth.

Clear braces are usually priced slightly higher compared to metal braces for a standard 18 month orthodontic treatment.

The brackets in ceramic braces are more prone to stain and break unlike conventional metal brackets. This can be prevented by adopting some good teeth hygiene practices, including:

  • Avoiding foods that cause stains such as coffee, red wine and cola.
  • Visit your dentist regularly
  • Brushing your teeth after meals
  • Regular flossing and rinsing
  • Avoid smoking

No matter your age or background, Orthoworx has dedicated itself in creating beautiful smiles for children right through to adults. Striving for excellent quality care, we strive to provide top-of-the-line adult orthodontic treatments at affordable rates with payment plan options. We stand by using only the most modern equipment, superior materials and industry-leading treatments guaranteeing you the highest standard of service. We offer personal treatment to every individual who walks through our doors, assessing the needs of each patient so we can tailor-make a plan that suits your needs. Get in touch with us to book an appointment.