Orthodontic Treatments For Kids

Growing and maturing teeth require the best possible service from the most experienced Orthodontic experts. Orthoworx specialises in braces for kids and kids’ plates, giving your child the best possible opportunity to enjoy a straighter, smarter smile.

Brighter teeth development

The optimal age for teeth development is while the teeth develop and change, between 8-13 years of age. But kids’ braces can be given to any good candidate, so it is essential to visit a highly qualified Orthodontist to discover how your child can best be treated.

Any colour any size

Every set of teeth is different, requiring a different, personalized approach. Orthoworx can administer child plates and children’s braces for kids of all ages, including Invisalign, lingual or the colourful and child-friendly traditional varieties. Whatever treatment we recommend you can be sure that our experienced Orthodontists will only recommend the best possible treatment to treat your concern with maximum efficiency and minimal inconvenience to you and your child.

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