The Invisalign appliance successfully treats dental malocclusions with minimal aesthetic inconvenience to you. As Invisalign is clear, they are less conspicuous, minimising the visual impact of your corrective procedure to your current smile, while helping to improve your future smile through effective treatment of your dental concerns.

Smarter solutions

Orthoworx is one of only a few dental practices in Sydney to be awarded the title of Platinum Elite Invisalign Provider and is one of the practices in Australia that has treated the most complex cases. Our experienced Invisalign orthodontists have the highest level of Invisalign experience, administering the highest level of service with one of our most popular methods of corrective treatment.

Maximum smile, minimum inconvenience

Invisalign is best suited to patients who are looking for invisible braces. To find out more, visit an experienced Invisalign orthodontist at Orthoworx to discuss the best possible treatment for your dental concern.

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To find out if you are suitable for Invisalign, or to assess your dental concern, please click here to contact our Platinum Elite Invisalign Provider.