Orthodontist Crows Nest

Priding on putting our patients at the forefront of our practices, Orthoworx is your orthodontist for Crows Nest residents can rely on.

Orthoworx offers a wide range of services to its patients, including braces and related dental issues. Headed by Dr Eugene Chan, he leads a team of experienced orthodontists that can expertly administer traditional metal and ceramic braces, Invisalign, orthodontic plates, children and adults from our practice in Chatswood. Our team can also assist with jaw surgery and is a certified Invisalign Diamond provider.

At our orthodontic clinic, we believe that a beautiful smile increases self-esteem, confidence and lasts for years after treatment is completed.

As established professionals in the industry, we understand that optimal dental health is not only related to a stunning smile but indicative or healthy teeth. Not only will it not only feel fantastic, straightened teeth are easier to clean and decrease your chances of long-term oral damage. At Orthoworx, our orthodontist believes that this makes premium quality dental and orthodontic care a worthwhile investment. 

At Orthoworx, we strive for excellence in quality of care and utilise the most advanced orthodontic treatment techniques, modern equipment and superior materials. We offer personal treatment of the highest standard and assess the needs of each patient individually so we can tailor-make a treatment plan to suit your needs.

Our experts are capable of handling the most straightforward to complex orthodontic issues from correcting crooked or buck teeth to significant overbites. 

Whatever your needs, our modern practice is well equipped to do the  job, and deliver an experience to leave you feeling satisfied with the final results. 

While not located directly in Artarmon, our Chatswood office is a speedy 11 minute drive via the Pacific Highway. 
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As a orthodontist for Crows Nest residents can trust, we aim to provide a range of services to our patients to rectify any teeth alignment concerns with maximum efficiency and minimal inconvenience. 

Require our services? Explore what we can offer you below: 

Adult orthodontics- It’s never too late to get braces if you’re considering doing so as an adult! We provide contemporary orthodontic treatments that are not only effective in treating your dental issues, but also discreet so you can enjoy doing what you love. Our teeth alignment solutions include Invisalign to clear ceramic braces.

Kids orthodontics- From removable plates to metal braces, our team at Orthoworx has the knowledge and the expertise to determine the best course of action to give your child or teen a straighter, brighter smile. 

Braces- Whether you want traditional metal braces or are unsure if you qualify for the Invisalign treatment, our specialists will recommend the best braces to straighten crooked and overcrowded teeth. Our award-winning orthodontic treatments include:

  • Traditional
  • Ceramic

Require our orthodontic services? Don’t hesitate to reach out to our friendly team today!